About Us

Centric NetSolutions supplies a secure online invoicing, payment retrieval and distribution solution that makes it quick and easy to get money that is owed to you, at a low cost. Centric NetSolutions pump up your cash flow, distinguish your business processes from rivals and give you reliable transactional controls and data – all the while slashing your admin costs, human errors and fraud in one smart solution. Because Centric NetSolutions are supplied over the cloud on a nominal cost per transaction basis, the solutions pay for themselves out of the cash flow gains and cost cuts you achieve.

How we got here ?

The company was founded by Malcolm Moodie in 2004 in response to challenges that the Centric Group was experiencing with collection and distribution of funds. Implementing the system allowed the group to negotiate preferential agreements amongst customers and suppliers – proving so successful that some clients requested use of the system to collect from their own customers. Fuelled by its effective internal use and positive customer feedback, NetCOLLECT was born, enabling retailers to:

  • Provide credit
  • Create a mechanism to collect the outstanding payments
  • Increase their sales (by offering more flexible payment options to customers)
Hot on the success of NetCOLLECT, NetBILL was introduced in 2006, allowing for automated recurring invoicing and collection. This service is typically used for the collection of rentals, subscriptions and other forms of annuity income – with ad hoc invoicing a recent addition. These two leading solutions quickly gained market traction and a host of loyal customers, forming the bases of a range of web-based products focussed on simple, effective, business and financial management.

  • 40+
  • 250mil+
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