Automated Collections

NetCollect retrieves your cash from your customer’s account – automatically.

NetCollect is an automated online cash collection system that integrates with NetBill to give your customers a simple and trustworthy view of what they owe – and a quick and smart way to settle payments with just a click. Because you pay for NetCollect on a nominal cost per transaction, NetCollect pays for itself out of the cash flow, cost-cutting and security gains you achieve.

The system’s reliable ability to automatically fetch the money owed to you increases your cash flow significantly, and gives you a dependable view of your cash position. NetCollect shares the reliability and efficiencies of the money transfer process with your customers, thereby cutting process inefficiencies and admin costs for both parties.
NetCollect gives you and your customers a common view of the payment legacy – making it easy to track and reconcile transactions from one source. A NetCollect agreement authorises NetCollect to automatically debit your customer’s account, with the amounts being invoiced on a monthly basis. Unlike the outdated and inflexible debit order process, your customers have the option of authorising or holding the payment before a transfer deadline triggers payments.

Payment exceptions and reasons for payment retention show up in the system immediately – making it easy to pinpoint and resolve cash flow bottlenecks. Unpaid invoices without valid reasons for payment retentions get re-processed for payment automatically. NetCollect makes it easy to manage instalment payments. For more information about NetCollect’s automated collection function, Contact us here.