Automated Distributions

NetCollect distributes the money that is collected for you to your beneficiaries – automatically.

NetCollect makes it easy for you to set and edit rules that will allocate shares of specific receivables to any number of parties that you specify should be paid.
NetCollect transfers the portions of collected cash to the specified recipients per the rules you’ve set directly – ensuring you don’t have to manage cash that’s going out.The system keeps a history of every transaction and payment split. This subsequently provides you and your beneficiaries with a single payment legacy that makes it easy to track and reconcile commissions, dividends and revenue shares. Because NetCollect makes it easy to see what is owed, you get a dependable view of your cash flow in real-time.

NetCollect ensures that the right people get paid the right amounts, at the right time – free of costly and slow authorisation and admin processes, human error and fraud. NetCollect can be scaled easily to manage any volume of transactions and any number of splits – making complex revenue sharing computations easy. For more information about NetBill’s automated distribution function, Contact us here.